About Kaveh Logistics

Kaveh Logistics is a fully-fledged 3PL provider in Dubai and a warehousing facility that is specialized in product logistics by industry and operating with own warehouse which allows us to offer you the speed, flexibility, and efficiency to manage your supply chain. We offer highly sophisticated and total 3PL solutions to worldwide importers, exporters, traders and manufacturers with the support of reputed carriers as well as comprehensive agency partners across the globe. As an international 3PL provider, we promote all modes of transport by air, sea, and land with a strong network worldwide.

About Kaveh Logistics
To provide integrated logistics services and warehousing solutions for customers, by delivering topnotch logistics services tailored to meet their changing needs.
Our Vision
To be one of the world leading and most competent third party logistics providers sought by best known brands worldwide.
Our Values
Our Business actions are conducted around 5 pillars that constitute our way of doing things. Summed up by the word “RAISE” to indicate our orientation towards advancement.
The following values point to what we believe are at the bottom of our success:
  • Responsiveness

    to respect beings and work along well with others

  • Accountability

    to realize how important it is to accept responsibility for actions

  • Integrity

    to be dutiful, honest, and ethical

  • Safety

    to ensure positive effects of actions on wellbeing of mates and environment

  • Expertise

    having the expert skills and knowledge to be most effective and efficient