Value Added Services

At Kaveh Logistics we are experts in elevating distribution and logistics processes for all our customers to add to their business operations more value. Having our own warehouse storage in Dubai gives us the advantage to implementing certain logistics operations, and this is very crucial.

Optimize your business with our added value services: 

  • • Inbound Logistics – managing your suppliers’ flow effectively and efficiently
  • • Inventory Control – emit a balance between stock and availability
  • • Inverse Logistics – ability to collect unsold and/or returned pieces

The following activities that we provide you are value-added services that can be customized to fit your precise requirements:


Cargo Insurance

Through its network of Insurance brokers, Kaveh Logistics provides competitive cargo insurance rates.

International Relocation

The packing and relocations department specializes in the packing and removal of commercial and industrial goods and provides door to door service worldwide.
Our services include:
•    International/Local Household Relocations.
•    Industrial Relocations.
•    Offices Relocation.

Distribution Operations

Kaveh Logistics provides you with premium distribution operations service to ensure your products are distributed proficiently, thus available at all times, through multiple channels all over the UAE. We understand the pressure of high demand on almost every commercial or industrial company, and make sure our logistics and distribution operations meet and even exceed your expectations.

Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Services

Whether you need fulfillment by the truck load, pallet, carton or individual SKU’s (or multiple SKU’s to fulfill a single order) — we can do it. We’ll pull from your warehoused inventory and apply fulfillment processes to meet your needs. We’re more than a storage warehouse.

Customized Fulfillment Solution

Order processing is tailored by your fulfillment requirements and leveraging the right systems. Whether you send us orders to be fulfilled by fax, email, or a web-based interface, we can work with you to define fulfillment and order processing requirements that are most efficient and affordable for your business. We’ll use our preferred courier at competitive rates.
We will attain to all your requirements, whether you’re a manufacturer supplying distributors, a wholesaler shipping to a retailer, or providing drop ship fulfillment services directly to end consumers. As you would expect, we pack orders with care to ensure safe order deliveries — every time.
Other Value added services include and are not limited to:
•    kitting services
•    Wrapping and palletization (palletizing)  
•    Pick & Pack Services
•    repackaging / co-packing services
•    labeling & relabeling service
•    custom projects

Handling Order Returns

Order return processing is just as important as order fulfillment. Kaveh logistics will handle order returns to your specifications – every time. From return product inspection to placing it back into inventory, your stock is always accounted for.
Increase your fulfillment capabilities, and leave the inventory picking, packing and shipping fulfillment details to us.


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