What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different


Kaveh logistics is a leader in applying best of warehousing security and safety measures, thanks to our long-lasting warehouse management system where workflow is automated and secured. Kaveh Logistics makes sure to maintain superior safety and security for your goods through optimized High Tech measures such as CC TV monitoring and 24/365 security, and where receipt of your goods, placement, selection, and freight delivery is made through recognized data collection terminals along with the required barcode scanning.


At Kaveh Logistics, you will have access to a reliable network of global partners in every area of logistics services. You will enjoy as well an advanced IT and Oracle software technologies where management of trade flows takes place in real time manner, thus attaining maximum of warehousing reliability. You can also rely on our solid partnerships to have the best execution of your business logistics chain while utilizing our fully certified technology to ensure maximum reliability.


Kaveh logistics is committed to long-term economic, social, and ecological balance. This sincere commitment to what sustainability stands for will definitely help us reduce waste and emissions, and share the great benefits with all stakeholders around the world. At Kaveh logistics, we strongly believe that our performance determines whether or not we survive and prosper. Therefore, we ensure that all our business practices as well as policies and procedures consider obligatory and voluntary actions that would demonstrate respect toward environment, community and our people.


Being specialized in product logistics by industry and operating with own warehouse allows us to offer you maximum of speed, flexibility, and efficiency to manage your supply chain in the best way possible. Whatever industry sector you specialize in, Kaveh logistics will make sure to provide you with dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations to ensure that you can deliver your product to your customers worldwide.
 Our supply chain management by industry focus encompass:
•    FMCG & Food Storage
•    Healthcare & Personal care                            
•    Sports & Leisure            
•    Electronics and Households
•    Retail and Fashion
•    Hotels
•    Constructions & Furniture
•    Automobiles
•    Marine
•    Power
•    Oil & Gas
•    General Cargos           


Thanks to our concrete partnerships with wide-ranging land, air, and sea carriers; Our integrated services can support you with door to door and terminal to terminal fast and seamless transportation services via our partnerships and to our fully equipped warehouse.